Designing institutions for a
decentralised and collaborative future


We are a Collaborative research laboratory for IMPact Hub Birmingham, Brixton and Islington - powered by Project00


Based out of Birmingham & London, Dark Matter Laboratories works with range of global partners, clients and collaborators researching & developing new  institutional infrastructures focused on unlocking our collaborative futures. 


Indy Johar / Andy Reeve
Immy Kaur / Joost Beunderman




We believe the 21st Century will be defined by new models of massive de-centralisation and micro massive collaboration of a scale as yet unwitnessed; Dark Matter Labs is focused on developing the new institutional architectures for this future - from new models of Movement Leadership and Massive Multi-Actor interoperability, System Financing, and Open Legitimacy & accountability.   

Dark Matter Labs and the team are collaborating on a range of Institutional design, transformation and founding initiatives with prestigious global partners from the United Nation Development Programme - CIS region & Asia Pacific region, Start Network - London, Husbanken - Norway, Usha Martin Group/KGVK - India, to the YMCA Central. 

We work with our partners to establish FieldWork laboratories to openly, research, design and develop - new institutional engines for change.

We believe innovating real-time in the real world requires new behaviours and models of developing - see some of our thinking and writing as to our practices Open Making ; Building Social Objects

Dark Matter Labs’s Research, Development and Founding/Re-founding work is currently focused on the following three primary fields :

  1. New Civic institutions for unleashing Massively Multi-Actor Movements for City Change 
  2. Next Gen. Humanitarian Economy for unleashing a new preventive - Impact Investment models, practices, & Network Architectures
  3. Future of Work - focused on developing the new asset classes, institutional infrastructures, civic legitimacy, organisational structures & practices for unlocking distributed, autonomous movements of innovation in the real world- OPENMAKING



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