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How we work 

We're a multi-disciplinary and distributed team based around the globe. What's important to us is using the context and local conditions of projects to grow our knowledge and use it to iterate our knowledge and practice across all of our work. We pride ourselves on learning, experimentation and intuition, and look to provide members of the team ways in which they can grow their own knowledge and practice. We view projects, processes and how we work as an evolving design that you would be part of shaping.

Here's a little on how we currently organise:

  • We all work remotely, with flexible working hours around schedules (most people do main hours between 9-6).
  • We work as dynamic hierarchies. We don’t organise through fixed line managers or fixed JDs but through teams and circles - we have different areas of expertise and focus and we pick up and shed roles as required. This requires good communication, high emotional intelligence and levels of trust.
  • We run on a series of digital tools that we use daily to coordinate, learn and govern together (Slack, Notion, GSuite, Miro among them)
  • We're organised in multidisciplinary working groups that span mission, deep codes, projects, orgdev and operations. Each working group is flexible and spans a series of projects to form a portfolio work.
  • This setup allows us to be a platform organisation and to nurture and grow ideas the team are passionate about and believe are needed, and align advance our core values and mission.
  • In time and experience, we invite everyone to grow our portfolio of work as a way to grow our collective skills, knowledge, and ideas – this is an invitation, not an obligation.

You will be supported by the wider Dark Matter Labs team (currently circa 65 around the globe) and connect with them remotely on a day-to-day basis. We also engage regularly for joint learning and development which include:

  • DM downloads – a regular meet up (usually online) to share learning across key areas of our work.
  • Whole team StandUps - a chance to collectively reflect on what we are learning, how we are showing up and what we are sensing
  • Personal development and learning sessions - org-wide sessions for us to take leadership in our own personal development; including building our muscles of self-reflection and the characteristics required for trust.
  • Virtual, hybrid and face-to-face gatherings.

Your background

We highly value lived experience as a form of expertise and we consider having a broad and diverse range of lived experience within the team, as being critical for us to be able to do our best possible work together and to create a range of spaces and accommodate a broad spectrum of life experience into our planetary team.

Dark Matter Labs continues to educate, question and critically review ourselves on how we can improve. We recognise and celebrate the true value of a safe and accepting working environment that - among other things - a diverse team with distributed power can unlock, and work to address our underlying biases and power structures that can prevent that from materialising.

This type of work requires the willingness to work on yourself, your relationships with power, the assumptions and experiences that influence how you think, and more.*

*We recognise that our work deals with some existential questions and content that can be triggering. We have a team focused on the team's mental health and personal development and we continue to incrementally build the necessary psychological infrastructures for this work.

We know that there is more that we can do to make this recruitment more accessible, particularly if you have experienced exclusion, disadvantage or discrimination, or if you have particular accessibility needs. We would be happy to provide any further support that you may require - please get in touch so that we can work together to provide that.


Our approach to pay is not based on favoring one skill over another or rewarding hierarchical power dynamics. Instead, we recognize that everyone possesses unique and exceptional skills, and we remove the process of valuing and comparing them. This allows us to focus on unleashing those skills in diverse ways based on the specific context. It gives us the freedom to determine, assign, and assess roles based on what is most suitable for each situation, rather than being constrained by predefined roles tied to compensation.

As a result, our pay is designed not to reward people for tasks done, but to cover living costs so that we are freed to create what we believe is needed in the world.
Our current base pay for everyone on the team is:

Formula = (Years experience + 23 (+ 8.82 for freelancers)) *1000 = gross pro rata pay in GBP.

*Years experience includes all experience after school completion age (18) - inc work, education, unpaid work (care, volunteering, etc).

We recognise that no formula that tries to do this can fully account for the unique contexts of every person. Therefore we also have a rebalancing process in place to accommodate individual circumstances.

We have recently put in place a range of benefits support across the team, including coaching, learning funds, sabbatical and secondment support, learning funds, workspace funds and more. These were set collectively by the team and vary according to statutory provisions in different geographies - we’ll be happy to confirm the relevant approach for your geography and contract type.

Our holiday policy is a minimum of 28 days/year pro-rata, but we encourage you to take all of the time that you need to properly rest.

We support equality

Dark Matter Labs is an equal opportunities employer, and we continue to educate ourselves on how we can improve. Humans from all nationality, race, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation and identity are welcome. We recognise and celebrate the true value of a safe and accepting working environment that only a diverse team can unlock, and work to address our underlying biases that can prevent that from materialising. Our projects and partners are spread across the globe and we aim to reflect the same diversity on multiple levels in our team and with the partners we work with.

We’re a distributed team with presence around the world.

Dark Matter Laboratories B.V.
Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 181K
1019 HC Amsterdam

KvK number: 75174405

United Kingdom
Dark Matter Laboratories Limited
217 Mare Street
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Company number: 13294211

Laboratoires de Matière sombre / Dark Matter LabsOrganisation à but non-lucratif canadien / Canadian not-for-profit 
6107 Av. de Monkland
Montréal, Québec
H4A 1H5

Numéro de l'organisation / Corporation number: 1196376-7

South Korea
주식회사 다크매터랩스코리아 / Dark Matter Labs Korea Co., Ltd 
#301, Pyeongtaek 5-ro 20beon-gil 8,
Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, 17902

경기도 평택시 평택5로 20번길 8, 301호, 우편번호 17902
사업자등록증: 808-88-01717

Mörk Materia Laboratoriet AB / Dark Matter Labs Sweden
Amiralsgatan 76 
21437, Malmö

Registration number: 559305-1047