We work as a small, multidisciplinary and agile team. Between us we cover the fields of design, urban policy, research, facilitation, data analytics, visual communication and engagement, architecture, strategic design and service design. We share a passion for tackling complex challenges at a societal level.

Meet the team ︎ 

Aaron Gillett
🇩🇪 Berlin

Aaron is a multidisciplinary designer, working to transform architecture and cities for a distributed and collaborative future. With a background in architecture, interaction and product design, he has worked extensively in Australia, Europe, USA and the UK, leading user experience design for a wide range of organisations. He was a resident at Italian design research centre FABRICA, and co-founded the think-tank Responsive Projects in Australia.
Adam Purvis
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Edinburgh

Adam is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and leads projects in this region and provides a supporting role across DM’s work. His focus is on applying the insights and capability of the DM team to the region of Scotland to bring about a full scale transition to a virtuous economy. Additionally he is applying his experience in facilitation and programme design to contribute to the Dark Matter team.
Anastasia Mourogova Millin
🇨🇦 Montreal

Anastasia brings 17 years of corporate finance experience - starting her career with HSBC Bank overseeing commercial debt portfolio and expanding her expertise by specializing in corporate real estate financing. Anastasia was the youngest woman in Canada to lead senior Quebec team for TD Bank. Choosing to leave traditional banking, she assisted in launching Canada's first federal impact bank. Subsequently, she oversaw $1.2bn in the group's assets as the bank's head of lending and impact market development. To expand her knowledge into impact investment, she joined McConnell Foundation - Canada's leader in innovative finance. In the last 18 months, Anastasia focused on development of Canada's social finance marketplace and alternative capital structures.

Anna Gelleri
🇭🇺 Budapest

Anna is a researcher and project manager at Dark Matter Labs. She has recently graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MA in modern languages and cultures and Business & Management. She primarily focuses on how to build efficient and human-centred movements.

Annettte Dhami
🇬🇧 Cornwall

Annette has worked in mission-led organisational and network design for over a decade. This includes the crafting and implementation of organisational practices, processes and infrastructure across finance, teams, strategy, culture, programme design, workspace and more. Her focus is on how we build distributed, democratic, collaborative and beautiful ways of working together fit for the transitions ahead of us.
Ariane Porter
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Edinburgh

Ariane is a strategic designer at Dark Matter Labs and has recently qualified as a Part 2 architectural assistant. After completing studies at Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow, she has remained in Scotland and will be supporting Dark Matter’s work in the region. Her interests are guided by a predilection for urban conditions and the study of context, both physical and cultural.
Bulent Ozel
🇳🇱 Amsterdam

Bulent is a complex system scientist bridging science, technology, and policy making. He is co-founder of Lucidminds.ai a human centric, hands on data science and AI initiation. He is an advocate of open and collective innovation paradigms. He has published numerous peer reviewed citation indexed articles. As part of his first PhD he was a Fulbright Scholar at School of Computer Science at Carnegie-Mellon University. His works are focused on agent-based modelling and simulation, social network analysis, machine learning, adoption of blockchain technologies, and distributed collaboration.
Calvin Po
🇬🇧 London

Calvin is a strategic designer at Dark Matter Labs. He has worked on alternative development models of public land combining affordable land tenure, planning innovation and distributed DfMA supply chains to encourage development by and for residents, and also deep retrofit at a community scale. Calvin trained as an architect in UCL Bartlett and the Architectural Association, and has worked on mixed-use urban regeneration projects in London and beyond. His personal research is focused on the English planning system’s history, and speculating on new decentralised models for the regulation of the built environment.
Carlotta Conte
🇬🇧 London

Carlotta is an urban researcher and system designer and leads the Design Learning & Insight at Dark Matter Labs. She trained at the Architectural Association and co-founded the multi- disciplinary collective Tak Tak Tak. She focuses on interpreting and narrating the impact of technological and behavioural changes on our ecosystems to push the boundaries of design thinking, experience and knowhow.
Chloe Treger
🇬🇧 London

Chloe is research and analysis lead for Dark Matter. With degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy from Oxford University and an MSc in Urban Planning and City Design from the UCL Bartlett School of Planning, at Dark Matter Labs she has built up a wide-ranging experience in strategic projects, including innovative approaches to unlocking collective investment in urban civic assets; building narratives to explore regulatory futures and developing experimental pathways towards a technologically enabled next generation system of environmental governance.
Dan Wainwright
🇬🇧 London

Dan is a researcher and writer interested in complexity, governance, innovation and new economic paradigms. He has a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Oxford, and is currently completing an MPA at UCL IIPP, where he has also worked as a researcher exploring the practice of implementing a mission-oriented approach to climate action. Prior to his MPA he worked as a teacher, strategy consultant and for a national youth organisation.
Emile Forest
🇨🇦 Montreal

Trained in architecture and urbanism, Emile works at the interface of design and environmental sociology. Over the years, he has been involved in several territorial planning and design projects, collaborating with both rural and urban communities. In 2019, he co-founded the non-profit organisation Nouveaux Voisins which aims to transform the culture of lawns by promoting areas rich in biodiversity. During his academic years, Emile was the laureate of considerable prizes, namely the Student Merit Prize awarded by the Order of Urban Planners of Quebec (OUQ).

Eunji Kang

🇰🇷 Seoul

Eunji is systems change and experimental products lead at Dark Matter Labs. She is currently based in Seoul Innovation Park, South Korea, on behalf of DML and leads projects throughout Europe and Asia regions. Her practice uses visual communication and system thinking to identify complex societal challenges which capture collective intelligence in order to develop strategic pathways for the systems change.

Eunsoo Lee
🇰🇷 Seoul

Trained in cultural studies and urban theory, Eunsoo works at the intersection of humanities and technology, pondering ways to insert critical thought into technological practice and technology into humanities research. At Dark Matter Labs, she combines system thinking and critical analysis to curate narratives on societal challenges and possible interventions. Eunsoo has been involved in diverse research and teaching practices in the past, including an MPhil project on urban space and politics in Hong Kong and projects on digital intimacy, the future of work, and alternative education in the Asian region.
Fang-Jui Chang
🇬🇧 London

Fang is a strategic designer at Dark Matter Labs who graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Service Design. She has worked in a design capacity at both the Taiwanese and British governments plus architecture and design consultancies. Along side these roles Fang has also run courses at democracy and public service innovation related events in Asia, Europe, and North America. The main body of her work focused on digital democracy, public service innovation, citizen engagement, collaborative policy and rule making.
Fernando Monge
🇪🇸 Madrid

Fernando Monge’s professional and academic experience has been devoted to innovating in the public sector, as well as to fostering and managing technological innovation in cities. At DML, he focuses on deploying the Madrid Deep Demonstration portfolio. He is also a senior associate with the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative and teaches a course on urban innovation at the IE School of Global and Public Affairs. His work has been published or featured in Apolitical, Governing, World Economic Forum, El Pais, and Agenda Publica, among others.
Filippa Hellsten
🇬🇧 London

Trained within Architecture, Filippa works at Dark Matter Labs as a strategic designer with a focus on systemic shifts within urban environments for more sustainable futures. Based in London but with roots in Sweden, she splits her time between DML and the Regeneration Team at Architecture00 and has an interest in how regeneration and policy meet engagement and inclusive system change.
Gurden Batra
🇫🇮 Helsinki

Gurden is a creative developer at Dark Matter Labs and combines different crafts like systems thinking, rapid prototyping, speculative and critical design, data ethics and tech materiality together in his practice. He has a background in Computer Science and recently studied New Media Design. Gurden has played multi-disciplinary roles in various industries and different sized companies across US, Europe and India.

Hannah Stewart
🇬🇧 Cumbria

Hannah does impact driven research, project management and making to explore what sustainable futures are possible or probable; using artefacts, public engagement, speculative design and action research. Hannah is passionate about design justice, regenerative economies and enabling systemic change – focused on design interventions that consider the ‘dark matter’ of people and culture as much as data and our made world.
Hyojeong Lee
🇰🇷 Seoul

Hyojeong is a visual communication designer at Dark Matter Labs. Before joining the team, she founded her graphic design studio GRAFIK P.L-F in Seoul, South Korea. She has worked with various organisations related to human rights, feminism, lifelong education, social innovation, climate crisis, and energy transition. With a background in visual information design and contemporary art, she focuses on developing visual identities and system maps to clearly and efficiently communicate complex ideas, missions and strategies.
Ilana Butler

Ilana is a transformational coach and facilitator, guiding people to the deepest part of who they are in order to fully express the life that is within them. She has led numerous global initiatives in purpose-driven entrepreneurship and social change and facilitated over 300 programs in transformational leadership and inner work. After a decade of following her heart’s work around the world, her physical body collapsed inviting her on a much deeper journey inwards. Since then she has become a guide for leaders, pioneers and those will the courage to explore the depths of who they are – creating spaces for them to return to their true nature, listen to their soul and cultivate the capacities to lead profound transformation.

Indy Johar
🇬🇧 London

Indy is a founding Director of 00 and Dark Matter Labs. An architect by training, Indy is a Senior Innovation Associate with the Young Foundation and a visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield. He co-founded Impact Hub Birmingham and Open Systems Lab, was a member of the RSA’s Inclusive Growth Commission. He is a thought leader in system change, the future of urban infrastructure finance, outcome-based investment, and the future of governance.

Jack Minchella
🇬🇧 London

Jack is strategic design lead, combining design-thinking, process management & systems strategy. An architect by training, Jack joined the Dark Matter team two years ago and leads on a wide range of strategic research and futures visualisation projects. He has been leading the creation of client-focussed outputs for workshops and senior external partners communication. Jack has extensive experience in social innovation, sustainable urban futures & policy design. As well as co-founding the think-tank In-Between Economies in Copenhagen.
Jenny Grettve
🇸🇪 Malmö

Jenny is a strategic designer at Dark Matter Labs and holds an MA in Architecture from Sweden and Australia but also has degrees in fashion design, design theory and classical music. She has worked with multi disciplinary ideas and the belief that all is deeply connected. A strong focus has been on urban developments from a soft value perspective and she has over the years been involved in extensive urban renewal programs but also writes about societal issues and often contributes at various art exhibitions and workshops.
Jonathan Lapalme
🇨🇦 Montreal

Jonathan holds a Masters of Science in Design and Urban Ecologies at Parsons The New School for Design in New York. He has been working for more than ten years on various types of urban related challenges and innovations, acting either as a strategic designer, entrepreneur, curator, documentary filmmaker, writer or speaker. Jonathan co-instigated a number of organisations and initiatives to address issues such as chronic vacancy, heritage destruction, biodiversity loss, and lack of regulatory infrastructures, to name a few. Lapalme's work has appeared in a number of magazines, newspapers and museums.

Joost Beunderman
🇬🇧 London  🇳🇱 Amsterdam

Joost is an urbanist, writer and researcher. A director at Project00, he has led on a wide range of projects across the 00 network - from urban regeneration to employment space, from civic venturing to outcomes-focused finance for green infrastructure. He was educated at Utrecht University, University of California-Berkeley and the London School of Economics, and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
Juhee Hahm
🇰🇷 Seoul

Juhee  is a strategic designer with a mixed background in spatial, communication and experience design. Her projects have taken her from South Korea to the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Kenya. Juhee approaches urban space as a medium built from complex layers that communicate to create multiple levels of experience. With this perspective she explores the themes of supply chain infrastructure, experimentation in civic policy, comprehensive human development frameworks and systemic urban transition.
Konstantina Koulouri
🇬🇧 London

Konstantina holds a Diploma from the Architectural Association and a Postgraduate diploma from the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. Within Dark Matter Labs she operates between urban research and strategic design. Her work focuses on weaving new conceptual and technical perspectives for city planning at the intersection of technology, ecology and finance. In the past, she has worked with academic institutions, software companies and art organisations delivering high quality research outcomes.
Linnéa Rönquist
🇸🇪 Malmö

Linnéa is an architect and strategic designer, inspired by natural and virtual systems, their contextual overlaps and related co-creative processes. Working closely with partners across Europe she is exploring urban transformation, community transition, care economies and their related deep-codes. With experience from Sweden, Singapore, Cambodia, Texas, Scotland and Denmark, Linnéa works by observing cultural perspectives and makes sense through visual processes driven by research and dialogue.
Olaf Lewitz
🇩🇪 Berlin

As Trust Artist, Lover and Coach, Olaf helps us explore the dark matter of Dark Matter Labs: synthesising the structures and processing we need to do our work with as much freedom and creativity as possible, improving learning in the organisation and improving the flow of decisions, relationships and value creation.
Oliver Burgess
🇬🇧 London

Oliver is a strategic designer - combining user experience design and systems thinking to work on systems level problems for sustainable urban futures. He has degrees in Engineering from the University of Cambridge and Product Design from the Royal College of Art. He has experience in physical product design and manufacturing engineering - specifically in the areas of a circular economy and zero carbon energy transition - as well as in clean-tech innovation and consulting.

Tom Beresford

🇬🇧 London

Tom is a public sector researcher and innovation specialist. He has led a range of research, innovation and system change projects, working with providers of public services, charitable organisations, local authorities and international government agencies, across diverse contexts from Doncaster to Sub-Saharan Africa, London to Australia. Tom's work has tended towards place-based approaches, investing in the mobilisation of broad and deep coalitions across services, communities and industries.
Tom Tobia
🇬🇧 Sheffield

Tom’s work tackles civic / societal challenges through physical experiments. He has led the early-stage development of many projects and organisations, building new models of learning, working, community collaboration and emerging technologies. Tom co-founded Makerversity; a ‘campus for making and learning’ at Somerset House, London - recognised by The Observer and NESTA in their Top 50 organisations ‘radically changing Britain for the better’ and by the EU as it’s most innovative social enterprise. Currently Tom is creatively leading a pan-European innovation programme with FutureGov, is a trustee for Yorkshire Artspace and one day will restart his experimental project A New Field - mixing foraging and biomaterials.
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