We are a multidisciplinary design team working with partners, clients, and collaborators across the world to develop new working methods for system change.

Dark Matter   noun

The invisible structures responsible for producing the majority of the built objects around us. From policy and regulation to finance and data, governance and organisational culture, identity and democratic participation – this is all Dark Matter︎.

Labs   | lab | noun informal

A place for exploring and experimenting. We take the discipline of strategic design and apply its principles to ‘big picture’ systemic challenges like education, urban design and climate breakdown.


Dark Matter Labs is focussed on the great transitions our societies need to respond to the technological revolution and climate breakdown we face. Our aim is to discover, design and develop the institutional ‘dark matter’ that supports a more democratic, distributed and sustainable future.


We work with partners, clients, and collaborators across the world.

How we work

Dark Matter Labs utilises an experiment methodology typical of a fieldwork laboratory – undertaking real-world research and prototyping to develop new models of 21st century institutional infrastructure.

Our work is based around collaborative, strategic experiments to learn about the ‘dark matter’ of systems; from policy and regulation, finance and data, governance and organisational culture, to identity and democratic participation.

We are a lab because we take exploration and experimentation seriously. We recognise the need to be strategic about innovation and design, with a focus on creating new ideas by using the principles of system thinking.


Our work is guided by five domains of exploration.

1. Cities

We work with cities at a strategic level to better understand and respond to the wicked problems they face.

2. Institutions

We explore how digital and organisational infrastructure can be leveraged to create institutions fit for the 21st century.

3. Experiments

We use experiments to test hypotheses in urban contexts. These help uncover latent behaviours in safe to fail environments.

4. Finance

We explore how innovative financial mechanisms could be designed to create more democratic and collective value.

5. Education

We are reimagining architectural education by questioning future fields of design practice.


We’re a distributed team, with presence around the world.

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Amsterdam 🇳🇱
Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 181K
1019 HC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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217 Mare Street
E8 3QE

Get in touch

Would you like to partner with us? Contact us on info@darkmatterlabs.org

We’re a distributed team with presence around the world.

Dark Matter Laboratories B.V.
Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 181K
1019 HC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Dark Matter Laboratories UK
Trading via Architecture 00 Ltd.
217 Mare Street
London, E8 3QE
United Kingdom

Laboratoires de Matière sombre / Dark Matter LabsOrganisation à but non-lucratif canadien / Canadian not-for-profit
Numéro de l'organisation / Corporation number: 1196376-7
1740 rue Saint-Patrick
Montréal (Québec)
H3K 0B3

Dark Matter Labs Korea
#202 Project Path Building, Seoul Innovation Park,
684 Tongil-ro, Nokbeon-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, 03371
South Korea

서울 은평구 통일로 684 서울혁신파크 상상청 202호, 우편번호 03371